7 Ways to Live and Celebrate “Your Story” at Story Seven

 – 1 – Framed

Framed photos and artwork are a great way to share your history, your family or your life adventures. Find beautiful frames to highlight the little and big moments in your life and in the lives of your loved ones. Change your photos with the season. Create a photo collage wall that tells the story of where you’ve been, what you’ve seen, what you love.

– 2 – Repurposed Finds

Unique pieces from the past are a great source for instant history in your home. Decorate with things that have a history. Decorate with things that are worth describing. Find vases or baskets to display some of your prized family treasures. Incorporate our unique furniture finds and home accent pieces to add interest and personality into your home.

 – 3 – Warmth and Comfort

Comfy throws and pillows help to create a space in your home that’s warm and inviting. Use texture, color and pattern to create a unique style, mood and feel for each room in your home. Don’t forget about the little things and decorative accents that will add those finishing touches to your home, a place where friends and family want to gather to relax and share their stories.

 – 4 – Light and Reflection

Light is a basic necessity and designing with light can completely transform our living spaces. Light fixtures change the way a room looks and feels by brightening a space or creating a cozy space in the evening. Mirrors can be strategically placed where you can not only see yourself; they can also add color, depth and movement to enhance your mood. Candles have been used as a source of light for thousands of years. Today they symbolize celebration, soothe the senses and accent the style of your home décor while creating a relaxing atmosphere and sense of warmth in any space. They also make great gifts. Light up your home while brightening up your story.

 – 5 – Seasons

What mood do you like to experience and create in your home during each holiday season? Adding fresh seasonal flowers and displaying seasonal natural elements in our beautiful vases and containers will help brighten your home. Spruce up your home during the holidays with wreaths, whimsical décor, serving pieces and more. Celebrate family traditions while creating new home stories during every season. Have fun and be playful. Bring out the barware and games. And be sure to stock up on your favorite gifts to share when you are visiting friends and family.

 – 6 – Personal Accessories

Let the things you wear provide a visual story. Create layers with scarves, wraps and necklaces. Wear pieces that reflect your taste, style and what you love. Stand out a bit from the crowd by wearing what makes you feel confident, but most importantly, makes you feel like yourself.

 – 7 – Live Your Story!

Don’t be afraid to express your inner self in the décor you pick out for your home or the personal accessories you wear. Be yourself. Live your story. And, if you find something you love at Story Seven, share the love and stories with your friends and family.

Story Seven home and lifestyle
Story Seven home and lifestyle
Story Seven home and lifestyle
Story Seven home and lifestyle
Story Seven home and lifestyle
Story Seven home and lifestyle